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Pay Attention to Safety When Laser Cutting Machine On Job

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When using the laser cutting machine, laser laser injection may cause the following incident:
(1) laser shot stick to a combustible fire.As we all know the power of the laser generator is very high, especially in high power laser cutting machine, laser temperature is very high.When the laser shot stick to flammable objects are very likely to cause fire.
(2) the laser cutting machine at run time may produce harmful gas.For example with oxygen cutting and cutting material produces chemical reaction, generate unknown chemicals or tiny particles and other impurities.After absorbed by the body may produce an allergic reaction or cause lung respiratory discomfort.At the time of work should do well in protective measures.

laser cutting safety

(3) laser direct  harmful to human body.Laser damage to the human body mainly includes the damage to the eyes and the skin.In a laser damage, the body's most serious damage to eyes.And the damage of the eye is permanent.So in during operations must pay attention to protect his eyes.
So, it is strictly prohibited flammable objects in cutting environment should be close to the machine and keep ventilated, the workplace should also be equipped with a fire extinguisher.Workers in protective measures during operations to himself.About more notice information about laser cutting machine,just send e-mail to senfeng@jnsenfeng.com or add skype:senfenglaser1 ,www.sfcnclaser.com

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