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Marble Laser Engraving Machine In SENFENG Factory

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Last week,one of our customers came to our factory .He took two pieces of marble.And wanted to engrave pictures on marble by our laser machine.We did as customer required by our marble laser engraving machine.Here is a picture shows the pictures our machine engraving on marble.

marble laser engraving

We engrave pictures by our SF130 80w marble laser engraving machine in factory.SF1390 mable laser engraving machine is one of hot sale models in all SENFENG laser machines.It is popular for fast speed,high precision and proper machine price.One of our customers in factory looking at SENFENG laser machine.

customer in SF look at marble laser engraving

Is it beautiful ? It can be achieved by our marble laser engraving machine.So if you are interested in it,please feel free to contact us.We will try our best to service for you.

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