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How to Deal with the Burrs of the Laser Cutting Machine

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Some customers use the laser cutting machine to process the metal plate and the cutting effective is not good.There will exit the burrs,then many customers begin to doubt the quality of laser cutting machine.Actually,burrs has always existed in the metal process because of the improper operation and tecnical problems.It will influence the product quality.How does the burrs arise and how to avoid it?Here we give you a simple analysis.


1.The focus of the beam is shifted

Solution:Change the focus of the location, adjust it according to the deviation position

2.The machine's output power is not enough.

Solution: Check the laser cutting machine whether it is working properly. It not,you need torepair and maintain promptly. Then check the output parameters.

3.The cutting speed is too slow.

Solution: Adjust and improve the line cutting speed.

4. The cutting auxiliary gas purity is not good.

Solution: Change the auxiliary gas and increase the purity.

5.cutting machine laser beam plus point offset occurred.

Solution: focus on debugging, timely adjustment

6.The machine working time is too long and it will influence the process stability.

Solution: Turn off the machine and restart it.


Metal laser cutting machine is a precision machine, the wrong technical parameters will cause the cutting problems.So when you start the machine,please confirm every step is correct,then the cutting edge will be very smooth without burrs.So that the production efficiency will be improved greatly.

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