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Fiber Metal Laser Cutter Best Quality Made By SENFENG

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Are you looking for metal laser cutting machine ? Or what knids of machines you ever used to cut metal ? And do you know fiber metal laser cutter ? From last three years,we got more and more inquiries of fiber laser cutting machine from customers all over the world.Inorder to meet customers' requirements,SENFENG researches and manufactures fiber metal laser cutter.

fiber metal laser cutter

In SENFENG,there are several models fiber metal laser cutter from small power to big power like SF2513G working size is 2500*1300mm,SF3015G working size is 3000*1500mm and SF2040H working size is 2000*4000mm.SF2513G SF3015G can put fiber laser tube from power 300w-1000w and SF2040H can put fiber laser tube of 1000w,1500w,2000w,3000w and even bigger power to cut thick metal materials.The fiber laser tube SENFENG using are world famous brand from the world with very long life.And other importanted machines parts are imported from worldwide brand.So the fiber metal laser cutter made by SENFENG is best quality.

fiber laser metal cutter

If you are in metal processing industry and looking for metal cutting machine now,don't miss SENFENG made fiber metal laser cutter with best quality.Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs of fiber metal laser cutter.It will be our pleasure to serve for you.

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Inquire:Fiber Metal Laser Cutter Best Quality Made By SENFENG
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