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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Bottle Opener

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The bottle opener is an instrument that often used in life. The body is still thinner than the key, easy to carry, which is more unique than the traditional bottle opener.Today,SENFENG laser will brief you the fiber laser cutting machine for metal opener.

bottle openerbottle opener1

Compared with the traditional bottle opener manufacturing method, fiber laser cutting machine is easy to operate. It adopts software mapping and operating, without needing extensive labor.Laser cutting has high processing precision, One-time forming, smooth cut, saving process. As long as the drawing is done in the software, the laser cutting machine can cut according to the pattern,which not only reduces the waste of materials and production costs,but also improves work efficiency.

Using metal laser cutting machine to cut a delicate shape- bottle opener. The cold metal also becomes warm.Since 2004,we have a variety of machines, such as fiber cutting machines, C02 laser cutter,laser welding machine etc., you can cut a variety of samples according to your processing needs.If you want to know more about our products,please contact us.






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