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Cutting Parameters and Thickness of 500W Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment

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Fiber laser cutting equipment is very good equipment, in the field of sheet metal processing, optical fiber laser cutting machine has been recognized as the fastest laser processing equipment.But different metal its attribute is different also, so the optical fiber laser cutting equipment to its processing capacity is different also, today we take a 500 w fiber laser cutting machine as an example to analyse the processing capacity of different metal materials.

fiber laser cutting equipment

According to the theoretical calculation, the optical fiber laser cutting machine for every 100w power can increase additional cut 1 mm thickness.So the 500w fiber laser cutting equipment should be able to cut 5 mm metal materials.However, the actual situation Condition is not so, when the device is running, the electric energy into light energy, and then converted into heat energy, which will have a certain amount of energy loss, so in the actual cutting, and can't achieve the ideal theoretical value.So, how big is 500w fiber laser cutting machine cutting ability?Below we according to many years of experience, to share a real cutting parameters (guarantee) under the condition of the cutting speed:

1. Copper, aluminum, belong to high material, more difficult to cut materials (has damage to the laser, it is not recommended cutting) for a long time, generally about cutting thickness to 2 mm.
(2) : stainless steel material is harder, more difficult than carbon steel cutting, general cutting thickness to 3 mm.
3. Carbon steel: because the carbon content is higher, the material is soft, easy cutting, cutting thickness can reach commonly 4 mm.
For more cutting parameters of fiber laser cutting equipment,feel free to send e-mail to senfeng@jnsenfeng.com or add skype:senfenglaser1  ,www.sfcnclaser.com

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