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CO2 Metal Nonmetal Laser Machine Used in Laboratory

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With the development of laser technology,the laser application as an major more and more popular in university,now,in order to meet the need of laser business industry,many university laboratory buy some laser machine as teaching tool!If a machine using in teaching,the most important is safety and no noise.SENFENG co2 metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine is fit the laser teaching!

CO2 Metal Nonmetal Laser Machine
Today,we take the SF1390GL as an example,this machine can cutting thin metal and most nonmetal materials,and it is easy operate,working safety,it is suit for teaching,this machine can process many different materials,student not only to learn laser knowledge by SF1390GL,but to make different models!And this machine is small and environmental friendly,it is nice in small place like school laboratory!
Dear friend,SENFENG co2 metal and nonmetal laser machine is professional for laser cutting.You can get one as an teaching tool or business machine,all of them is ok!Just free to contact us!
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