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CNC Laser Cutter Machine Is a Technology Revolution

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CNC laser cutter machine is a technology revolution, sheet metal processing is the "central processing" in sheet metal processing;High degree of flexibility, CNC laser cutter machine cutting speed, production efficiency, product production cycle is short, as the customer to win the broad market, the technology of effective long life period and abroad more than 2 mm thickness of the plate are mostly adopts the laser cutting machine, many foreign experts think the next 30 to 40 years is the golden period of development laser processing technology.

cnc laser cutter

Generally, for building over within 12 mm carbon steel sheet, less than 10 mm stainless steel plate and other metal material removal is recommended to use CNC laser cutter machine.Laser cutting machine cutting force, surface machining deformation: no tool wear, good adaptability to materials, whether simple or complex parts, can use laser rapid prototyping a precision cutting: its narrow kerf width, good cutting quality, high automation degree, easy manipulation, low labor intensity, no pollution, which can realize automatic cutting layout, nesting, improved material utilization and low yield capital, economic benefit is good.

Choosing and buying CNC laser cutter machine must consider many factors, in addition to consider the maximum size, material, machining at present need to cut the maximum thickness and the size of the raw material width, more need to consider the future development direction, such as technical retrofit do products after processing the workpiece size, the largest steel market provided materials for their products which the dimension of the material, loading time and so on.

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