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Print Logo with Fiber Laser Printing Machine

2016-11-02 16:00 Senfeng Maggie

If you need to print logos on something such as inntegrated circuit chips, computer accessories, industrial bearings, clocks and watches, electronic and communication products, aerospace components, all kinds of auto parts, household appliances, hardware tools, dies, wire and cable, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco,etc,perhaps fiber laser printing machine ,just so called fiber laser marking machine can help you.

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So-called optical fiber laser printing machine is using a fiber laser, is made of laser, lens, marking card three parts,fiber laser beam quality is good, the output center is 1064 nm, the whole life in 100000 hours, compared with other types of laser marking machine live longer, electro-optic conversion efficiency of 28% above, relative to other types of laser marking machine conversion efficiency of 2% 10% of the huge advantage, outstanding performance in energy conservation and environmental protection, etc.For more information about this fiber laser printing machine,do not hesitate to send e-mail to senfeng@jnsenfeng.com or add skype:senfenglaser1 ,www.sfcnclaser.com


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